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Sergio & the Satin Dogs, named with a mixture of David Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' and Duke Ellington's 'Satin Doll' is just as eclectic in their own music as these artists were in cultivating their sound.

This New Orleans Jazz, Pop Infused Blues/Soul band derives from a city full of 'Diamonds in the Rough', Mobile, Alabama. The Satin Dogs have a fresh new take on an older sound and mixing in a blender of ‘Chemical X’. Taking this primarily acoustic guitar driven sound and add Percussion, Upright Bass/Electric Bass, and Drums, and delivering a strong Jam Band forum blended with a singer/songwriter heart. Along with some friends that add some Sax and Organ, when they are feeling especially groovy.

Influences strongly include Stevie Wonder, The Meters, and Herbie Hancock, Dr. John and Dave Matthews, and have made a complete sound all their own.

This group is a collective of experienced musicians around the Mobile area, with the immediate band including Sergio Rangel/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar... Ross Graham/Upright/ Electric Bass... Colin Beasley/ Percussion... Chris “Shaggy” Miller/ Drums

We are striving to make our musical mark on the world, because out of the few truths left, music is a medium that regardless of history, has always been a freedom in which everyone relates

... the Satin Dogs’ play over a solid foundation of acoustic guitar, adding an organic edge to each track.”

Stephen Centanni

“Roses” does seem like an old fashioned rock ‘n’ soul song on the first acquaintance but give it some time for Alabama band Sergio & The Satin Dogs are just doing it like it should be done. Sometimes the old ways are indeed the best.”

Blues bunny Music Reviews

Sergio & the Satin Dogs deliver top-notch music with a distinct sound you will never forget”

Bryon Harris

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