Satin Dogs

Cameron Alidor: is a drummer and educator from Mobile, AL. He currently plays with the Wild Fire, and teaches drums privately & at Modern Ensemble Music. Cameron has been a constant upon Sergio's musical journey and is one of two original Satin Dogs.

Rogest Carstarphen: is Owner/Founder of Hippomeat Productions, along with being a producer, is an incredibly accomplished Musician. Rosco plays Organ and Piano on many of Sergio's projects and is wrote the horn arrangement  on the soon to be released 'Under a Crowded Sign'. He has been a constant musical inspiration for Sergio, and a great friend, and bandmate.

Carlos Vizoso- Saxophone, a long time friend of Sergio, always brings in a fresh sound when he takes the Tate with the Satin Dogs, infusing some of that 80s lush Sax runs and incredible soul, Carlos is a joy to have along side us.

Tyrone Dunning- Drums, Brings a funk to the groove that makes you've until it hurts, and having recently been up in Berkelee College of Music in Boston, shows how talented this man is...

Travorus Edwards- Keys, this man knows where to be, never missing a step when it comes to laying out creativity, and is as versatile as he is talented...

Dennis Parker- Trumpet, has a strong jazz groove, setting an easy smooth tone when he takes the stage alongside the Satin Dogs

SD Team

Photography/Videography: Jake Cannon

Layouts/Graphic Design/Posters: Bailey Turner

Artwork/Concepts- Brandon Cole

Artwork/Graphic Design/ Concepts- Kevin Jorgensen 

Merchandise Liason to all things Satin Dogs- Aaron Burford/ Dylan Byers