Past Tours

Fall Tour: Satin Dogs Stripped
August 19th- The Listening Room 7pm: Mobile, Alabama
August 24th- Cherrywood Coffeehouse 8:15pm Austin, Texas
August 25th- Opening Bell Coffee 7:30pm: Dallas, Texas
August 26th- Tellers 6:30pm: Austin, Texas
September 1st- Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits: Waco Texas
September 7th- Hermans Hideaway: Denver, Colorado
September 8th- High Hops: Fort Collins, Colarado
September 9th- Trident Cafe: Boulder, Colorado
September 15th- Cultured Cafe 7:30pm-9pm: Flagstaff, Arizona 
September 16th- Xtreme Bean Coffee House 8:30pm-10pm: Pheonix, Arizona
September 23rd- SoZo Coffee: Mesa, Arizona
September 24th- Mother Road Brewing 4pm-6pm: Flagstaff, Arizona
September 29th- Un Urban Coffeehouse 8pm-9:30 pm: Santa Monica, California
September 30th- Genghis Cohen Showcase 8pm: Los Angeles, California
October 1st- Music in the Lot 6:30pm: Half Moon Bay, California
October 3rd- Republic of Pie 7pm-8pm: North Hollywood, California
October 5th- Rebel Coast Winery Show 7:30pm: Manhattan Beach, California
October 7th- Holy Grounds Coffee 2:30pm-4pm: Los Angeles, California 
October 12th- Linnaea's 7pm-9pm: San Luis Obispo, California
October 13th- Simple Pleasures Coffeehouse 7pm-9pm: San Francisco, California 
October 21st- Aqus Cafe: Petaluma, California 
October 27th- Axe & Fiddle: Cottage Grove, Oregon
November 4th- Artichoke Music Showcase 7:30pm: Portland Oregon
November 5th and 8th- Metronome Coffeehouse: Tacoma, Washington
November 10th- Conway Muse: Conway, Washington
November 20th- Laughing Goat Coffee House: Boulder, Colorado