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  1. Roses
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Don't you know, I wouldn't go, Nowhere without your love
Cause you've seen me lately, wandering crazy like I've lost a piece of my soul
And you know that I have been rambling, you've got me dangling with my heart on a string
And I know I've been complicated, you've gotten jaded from my circus show

But I have not smelled the roses, life's been composing, it's been all about you
And I'm weary and faded, from painting my faces, holding my faćade

Well you've held my world in the palm of your hands, spinning me 'round, keeping my body on the ground
Yeah, you're crushing my spirit, to where only silence hears it you're bringing me down
And I'm reading between the lines, leaving your lullabies, finding my own time

Cause I have not smelled the roses life's been composing, I've been tangled up in you
And I'm weary and faded from painting my faces, wearing my faćade

But I'm not going back, oh, no im not off track, I'm gonna keep moving on 'till I find my one love
And I'll pick up the pieces, so tired of dreaming, gonna keep walking on, 'till I find my one love